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God Of War: Ranking The 10 Best Boss Battles

This entry narrowly knocked a lot of strong contenders away due to the combination of the battle coming with a puzzle that begins the fight, and more importantly, an insanely gruesome kill when Kratos launches a bridge through the Kraken's open mouth, impaling it for the finish.

This is a classic example of what God of War throws at the player along their journey, ending a sizeable puzzle level with a rewarding and satisfying battle against an ancient legend. The design of the Kraken is brilliant, as it hangs at your level with two large tentacles entangled around pillars - perfect for Kratos' double chain blades to slice at.

The grizzly kill is made even sweeter when you are able to walk over, stepping over it and humiliating the sea monster even in death, a perfectly spiteful move from the Spartan after such an enjoyable fight.